February 24, 2023

Students at South Fulton High School participated in a distracted driving simulator on Feb. 24 at the school. Students were able to choose one of three distracted driving courses, drunk driving, texting while driving, and under the influence of marijuana. The students would get behind the wheel, place a headset on to see the road and had control of the gas and break while driving the simulator down the road. They were given a score card after the drive was over. UNITE’s Arrive Alive Tour® visited the school and is the nation’s #1 ranked drunk and distracted driving awareness event, as well as the first and only marijuana driving simulator in the country. The tour uses high-tech, state-of-the art simulators that allows participants to drive while districted and experience real-life dangers without the real life consequences. UNITE’s Arrive Alive Tour was sponsored by the Tennessee Highway Safety Office and the Obion County Schools to bring life changing event to the students. (Photo by Barbara Atwill)