Fulton Tourism sponsors ‘Egg-stra’ special hunt, underway now!

by Benita Fuzzell

The Fulton Tourism Commission is ready to put the Twin Cities community on a hunt, in preparation for the Easter season, for special eggs hidden somewhere in Fulton and South Fulton. These eggs will not just be stuffed with sweet treats, but the successful hunter will be able to cash in on some pretty sweet deals at local businesses.

Beginning on Wednesday, March 1, “Egg #1” will be ready for the hunt. That egg will be stuffed with detailed instructions, which will include the successful hunter’s claim of a prize, $25 in Chamber Bucks from the Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce, to spend the same as cash at Chamber member businesses.

The first clue for “Egg #1” may be found in this week’s March 1 edition of The Current.

If “Egg #1” is not found by next Wednesday, March 8, another clue will appear in the Current’s March 8 edition, with clues to continue until the egg is located.

To sweeten the pot, another egg will be hidden next week, by Wednesday, March 8, at a different location. That egg, “Egg #2” will include instructions on how to claim $50 in Chamber Bucks. The first clue for “Egg #2” will appear in the March 8 edition, along with a new clue for “Egg #1”, if that egg is not found by that time.

The final egg, “The Golden Egg” will include instructions on how to claim a $100 gift certificate from a business of the finder’s choice in the Twin Cities of Fulton and South Fulton.
“The Golden Egg” clues will also appear each week in The Current until found, along with the other two egg clues until they are all found.

Hunters may monitor the “Fulton Tourism” facebook page for additional “bonus clues” to be posted throughout the week.

The eggs will all be hidden somewhere in Fulton or South Fulton, on easily accessible public property.

If any egg is found, it is to be verified at Fulton City Hall/Tourism Commission office or by making contact with Tourism Commission board members through the numbers which will be included inside each egg. Winners will be announced once verified.

For more information, contact Fulton Tourism Commission at 270-472-9000.

No clues will be given out over the telephone.