TCY League seeks players for possible additional teams

March 06, 2023

In efforts to keep Twin Cities Youth Summer League T-Ball, Baseball and Softball team numbers low enough to give all participants ample playing time, TCY has decided to attempt to reach out to participants in three age groups, to possibly complete additional teams for this year’s season.

No entry fees will be accepted at this time, as the formation of additional teams will be conditional on the response received at this time, to field another team in each age group.

The name of the child will hold the potential spot for the added team.

Participants who registered before the deadline are already guaranteed a spot.

Those who have not previously registered and who are interested in participating in this year’s TCY league in the following age divisions may text 270-627-2905, with contact information, child’s name and age, or visit the TCY facebook page, Twin Cities Youth League, and private message the information: Girls, ages 9 or 10, four more girls are needed to complete an additional team; Boys, ages 9 or 10, one to four more boys are needed for an additional team; and Boys, ages 11 or 12, three to six more boys are needed for an additional team.

Formation of additional teams will be based only on the response received, with no guarantee enough participants will be submitted in order to form the additional teams.