Fulton County Board of Education to meet April 27

April 27, 2023

The Fulton County Board of Education will meet tonight, April 27, at 6 p.m., in the Board Conference Room, 2780 Moscow Avenue, Hickman, Ky.

Items on the agenda include Welcome; A. Roll Call; B. Invocation; C. Pledge of Allegiance; D. Reading of the Mission Statement - In partnership with and in service to our community, the Fulton County Board of Education provides leadership and acquires and allocates resources that enable all students to achieve a productive life through quality education; E. Approve Meeting Minutes; F. Approve Agenda; 2. Recognitions, A. Student Recognitions, B. Best Pilot in the House, C. Superintendent Special Spotlight; 3. Communications, A. Community Input; 4. Student Presentations; 5. Superintendent Notification of Personnel Actions; 6. Superintendent Report; 7. Department Reports; 8. Consider/Approve 23-24 Continuation of Learning Plan; 9. Consider/Approve 23-24 ELL Plan; 10. Consider/Approve 23-24 District PD Plan ;11. Consider/Approve 23-24 School PD Plan, A. Elementary School, B. Middle School, C. High School; 12. Consider/Approve Revised 23 -24 Certified Evaluation Plan; 13. Consider/Approve Fulton County Early Childhood Project, A. Consider/Approve Bids, B. Consider/Approve Revised BG1; 14. Consider/Approve Fulton County Bus Garage Project, A. Consider/Approve Design Development Drawings, B. Consider/Approve BG2, C. Consider/Approve BG3, D. Consider/Approve Geotech Drilling; 15. Consider/Approve Petition for Early Enrollment; 16. Consider/Approve Pass Coach Job Description; 17. Consider/Approve Pass Coach Assistant Job Description; 18. Consider/Approve Surplus Items, A. Consider/Approve Surplus of Cafeteria Booths, B. High School Weight Equipment; 19. Consider/Approve Use of District Property Request, A. Ride the Fault Line Bikers; 20. Consider/Approve 2023-2024 School Year Start and End Times for Regular and Early Release Days; 21. Consider/Approve Activity Fund Budgets, A. Fulton County Elementary and Middle School, B. Fulton County High School; 22. Consider/Approve Bids for Custodial Services; 23. Consider/Approve Beta Club Trip to WKU; 24. Consider/Approve May 1 SBDM Staffing Allocations; 25. Consider/Approve 3.5% Raise for Certified Pay Scale; 26. Consider/Approve Financial Audit Contract; 27. Financial Report - Jennifer Davis; 28. Action Items by Consent, A. Monthly Reports, 1. Payment of Bills, a. Approve Superintendent Travel Reimbursement - WKEC Board of Directors Retreat, Lexington KY 04/25-04/27 2. Payroll and Direct Deposit Registers Dated, 3. School Activity Reports Dated, a. Fulton County Elementary/Middle School, b. Fulton County High School; 29. Discussion Items; 30. Closed Session-per KRS 61.810 (1)(f) for the Purpose of Personnel; 31. Open Session; and 32. Adjournment.