FPD Pistol Shoot results listed

September 13, 2023

The Fulton Police Department has announced winners and results for the 2023 Banana Festival Pistol and Turkey Shoot, held Sept. 9 at the FPD Shooting Range in Fulton.

Each class iteration was a total of 25 rounds for a maximum score of 150 points. At the 7 yard-line, shooters fired 5 rounds one handed. At the 15 yard-line, shooters fired 6 rounds. At the 20 yard-line, shooters fired 6 rounds.

At the 25 yard-line, shooters fired 8 rounds.

The Top Gun Competition was comprised of all of the 1st place winners. The iteration was a total of 10 rounds from the 25 yard-line for a maximum score of 60 points.

For the Turkey Shoot, shooters played a variant of Blackjack. Each shooter had a chance to shoot two cards at random to get their score, then continue until they either reached 21 or busted.

In the 1st Place Novice Class - Semi Auto Janay Vaughn was the winner.

1st Place Female Class - Semi Auto, Natalie Adams won and 1st Place Master Class - Semi Auto, the winner was Len Bell.

1st Place Master Class - Revolver went to Brian McClure; 1st Place Expert Class - Semi Auto was won by Ron McClure; and 1st Place Expert Class - Revolver, Brian McClure.

1st Place .22 Class - Semi Auto was also won by Brian McClure, as was 1st Place, .22 Revolver and 1st Place top Gun Competition.

1st Place Turkey Shoot was won by Kyle McClure.