October 17, 2023

Michael Phillips, an inmate who was being held at the Fulton County Detention Center in Hickman, and escaped from that facility Oct. 10, has been captured and is at the Carroll County Jail in Huntingdon, Tenn.

"I would like to thank the many agencies, including the Hickman County Sheriff's Office, and countless hours involved in the search for this fugitive. In particular, thanks to Henry Sanger of Fulton County for volunteering to fly and the use of his plane. Also, Will Crafton from Carlisle County EM for the use of his drone. He was captured last evening," Fulton County Sheriff Chad Parker said, in a posting on the Fulton County Sheriff's Office facebook Tuesday morning.

The investigation was ongoing, as of Monday morning, according to Sheriff Chad Parker, as Phillips remained at large following his scaling of a fence inside the Fulton County Detention Center rec yard on Oct. 10.

Michael Phillips was lodged in the Fulton County Detention Center for the past few months, on Graves County initiated charges of Sodomy 1st, Incest V/u12, Criminal Abuse 1st, Indecent Exposure and Terroristic Threatening.

According to Sheriff Parker, Phillips was considered dangerous.

"Any inmate who escapes, is going to be considered dangerous," he said, explaining if an inmate makes the choice to attempt an escape, they "do not care, and they won't care what they have to do."

After reaching out to U.S. Marshals, Sheriff Parker said that agency was to actively conduct searches, and investigate any tips or leads.

No reports of thefts or burglaries had been made, since the escape, an occurrence which frequently transpires following an escape.

An extensive search was conducted on foot, and from the air for Phillips, but no sightings were made since the escape, prior to Phillips' arrest.

Initially, the theft of a pickup truck in South Fulton, which occurred the same day, was investigated as a possible connected incident, however after further investigation, it was determined the escape and the truck theft were unrelated.

Phillips was known to have ties to numerous West Kentucky and West Tennessee locations as well as in Alabama.

Sheriff Parker stated on Monday, should the U.S. Marshals, or any law enforcement agency apprehend Phillips, he will be returned to Fulton County where he will now face charges there.

He also noted Phillips had been been charged with the offenses which landed him in confinement, however he had not been convicted of those charges at this time.

Another inmate who also escaped from the Fulton County Detention Center at the same time Phillips did, Will Tabor, was apprehended by local law enforcement officers in Hickman, shortly following the escape, and returned to the Detention Center.