February 10, 2024


The Hickman City Commission will meet Mon., Feb. 12 at 5 p.m. in the Hickman City Hall commission room. The meeting is open to the public. The following items are listed on the meeting's agenda:


Pledge of Allegiance

Call to Order

Roll Call

I. Approval of Minutes- Regular Meeting 1/8/24- Special Called Meeting 1/12/24

II. Presentations/Public Comments

- Public Works Update

- Police Department Update

III. Unfinished Business

a. Resolution 21-189, Hazard Mitigation Action with PADD- Discussion- Motion

b. General Fund Line of Credit maturity- Discussion- Motion

c. Approve quote from State Systems to work on Fire Extinguishers at the Fire Department

and in vehicles- Discussion- Motion

d. Approve quote from Secure Shred Document Destruction- Discussion- Motion

e. Approval of Quote from Vaughn Electric- Discussion- Motion

f. Approval of Tri-State Meter Invoice- Discussion- Motion

g. Advertise for City Manager- Discussion- Motion

h. Approve Mike Taylor’s Resignation from the River Port Board- Discussion- Motion

i. Accept David Lattus to be on the River Port Board- Discussion- Motion

j. Accept Sherry Koon’s resignation from cleaning Police Station- Discussion- Motion

k. Motion to hire Jacob Kellum as water plant operator- Discussion- Motion

l. Discussion on 4 wheelers, golf carts, etc. to be allowed on public streets in their

neighborhoods and not crossing State Highways within the City

IV. City Manager’s Report

V. Commissioner Comments

VI. Executive Session KRS 61.810(1)(f)

VII. Adjournment



The Fulton City Commission will meet for regular session on Mon., Feb. 12 at 6 p.m. The meeting is open to the public. The following items are listed on the meeting's agenda:

Invocation; Pledge of Allegiance; roll call; remarks and requests from visitors;

Presentation of 2021-2022 audit by Chloe Humphrey CRS, Cowart, Reese, Sargent, CPA;

presentation of a recycling program by John Clark, Kayser Automotive;

City Attorney's report, 1. Consider Municipal Order 2023-51, Approval of Minutes of regular meeting Mon., Jan. 22, 2024;

Old Business, Second reading of Ordinance 2024-02, Adopting an Ordinance Enacting and Adopting a Supplement to the Code of Ordinances of the City of Fulton;

New Business, Consider Municipal Order 2023-52 authorizing City Manager to take all steps necessary to parter with Kayser Automotive and the Twin Cities Restoration Foundation to start a recycling program in the city allowing Drop-Off location to be at the Fulton Public Works Department;

Consider Municipal Order 2023-53 to authorize the Mayor to sign a contract with Community Ventures to Lease the Property adjacent to the Farmers Market, for a business known as "The Village Project";

Consider Municipal Order 2023-54, authorizing the City Manager to accept the property at 325 Walnut St., from the estate of Faye Upton;

consider Municipal Order 2023-55, authorizing the Mayor to sign a utility easement with Fulton Independent School District on the Carr Elementary campus for the purpose of installing a new lift station to replace Lift Station A;

Consider Municipal Order 2023-56, to accept a bid from Youngblood Excavating & Contracting for $420,000 to replace Lift Station A;

consider Municipal Order 2023-57, authorization for City Manager to send Notice Letter to McCollum & Russ, Inc., to terminate their services for the City's Wastewater Pre-Treatment Program operation;

consider Municipal Order 2023-58, authorizing the Mayor to sign an agreement for professional services with Cleasor Hall Environmental consultants, LLC for management of the City's Wastewater Pre-Treatment program;

consider Municipal Order 2023-59, authorizing the Mayor to sign an automatic Interstate/Interlocal Mutual Aid Agreement between the city of Fulton, Ky. and the city of South Fulton, Tenn.;

consider Municipal Order 2023-60, to accept Terrene Forbes' resignation from the Public Works Department;

Consider Municipal Order 2023-61, authorizing the City Manager to take the necessary steps to hire two employees as general workers in the Public Works Department based on Public Works Director Steven Wiser's and City Manager Mike Gunn's recommendations;

first reading of Ordinance 2024-03, to Amend the City's Zoning Map to reflect Zoning Change of property located at 400 Nolan Ave., Fulton, from a Service District, S, to General Business, C-3, District on the Planning and Zoning Board's recommendation;

discussion on a Free Bulk Trash Day;

discussion on getting requests for proposals for a Sanitation Contract;

Other Business, City Manager, Commissioners, City Attorney, Mayor.