Majority of Bulldogs return to 2024 roster

by Benita Fuzzell

Fulton High School Baseball team Head Coach Tre King will be launching his inaugural season with the 2024 Bulldogs, assisted by Asst. Coach Kirk Paitsel.

With 10 players on the team returning this year, and only two first-timers, the new Head Coach expects to improve on the 2023 season which recorded a single win for the Bulldogs.

Pitching duties will be shared by Jamarion Jackson, Jeremiah Whitman, Javarious Gholson, Danny Gilliland and Taziyah Ware.

When not on the mound, Jackson will move between short stop and second and Whitman will spend some time at short stop.

Gholson will go in at left field, when not pitching, Gilliland will hit right field or first when not on the mound and Ware will come in as second baseman when not rotating in to pitch.

Jamar Martin will play at center field, Shane Acosta will be on second, Jordan Whitman at first and Kingston Walsh at third base.

In the right field, will be Jamir Ward, and Christian Sproul will be set up at the plate to catch.

Keith Jordan will also come in as a right outfielder.

Coach Tre’s goals this year will be first and foremost, for all team members to play hard, no matter the circumstances. He wants to see his team be the best version of themselves, on and off the field, and just as important, will be to maintain a good attitude and have fun with the game.

He sees Jamarion Jackson and Jeremiah Whitman as team leaders, due, for the most part, to their ability to lead by example, in addition to their great talent.

“They are both always ready to practice and will be the last ones to leave the field,” the Coach said.

The first year coach was asked to identify the team’s greatest strengths and biggest challenges for this season.

“Our strengths would be our speed, and our ‘want’. They truly ‘want’ to get better each day and that is great. Our biggest challenge will probably be our inexperience. While we do have 10 returning players, we are a young team and some things just have to come with age,” he said.

“I would like to thank all these guys for coming out to play, and just being coachable. That is important. I look forward to having a great year and all of us enjoying the experience,” he added.