May 27, 2024

UPDATE: Storm Response/Water Over Road Report for District 1 Counties

Updates at 6 p.m., CDT, for Fulton County

PADUCAH, Ky. (May 26, 2024) – Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) District 1 Highway Crews are making headway in the response to downed trees and power lines from two organized lines of thunderstorms moving through the region this morning.

Many of the locations where trees were reported down have been cleared. However, KYTC crews will have to await the arrival of utility crews to clear power lines before some roadways can reopen.

Here is the latest update:

Carlisle County

U.S. 62 is closed by floodwaters at the 4 to 6https://duckduckgo.com/mm in West Fork Creek Bottoms between KY 121 and Bardwell - KYTC personnel monitoring

KY 1820 is blocked by floodwaters at the 1-2mm - Signs posted

KY 1628 is blocked by floodwaters at the 3-4mm - Signs posted

Fulton County

KY 94 is blocked at the 7 to 11mm in the Lower Bottom between KY 311 and KY 1099- Signs Posted

KY 1282 is blocked by downed trees near the 6mm in the Wilson Hill area west of Brownsville

The Dorena-Hickman Ferry is closed due to weather conditions

Hickman County

KY 123 is closed at the 14 to 16mm in the Hailwell area at the Obion Creek Bridge

Lyon County

U.S. 641 is open north of Eddyville near the 6mm at the Lyon-Caldwell County line - Utility work completed

U.S. 62 is open from the 0.0 to the 6mm between Lake City and Kuttawa

KY 1943/Skinframe Creek Road is blocked by floodwaters at the 3.4mm at the Skinframe Creek Bridge - Signs posted

KY 274 is open with utility crews working near the 4mm

McCracken County

KY 284/Benton Road is blocked by downed trees and power lines at the 2 to 4 mm between Paducah's Southside and Reidland

KY 450/Oaks Road is open near the 4.2mm immediately south of the KY 3075/Liden Rd/Shehan Bridge Road intersection - Utility work completed

KY 1954/Husbands Road blocked at 3.1mm for JPECC power line work near the KY 3057/Lydon Rd intersection - Approximately 1 hour

KY 1255/Bonds Rd is blocked by floodwaters and a flooded car at the 1 to 2mm immediately west of the KY 450/Oaks Rd intersection - Signs posted

Marshall County

KY 1463/Benton-Birmingham Rd Closed by flooding at 0 to 2mm at Clarks River Bridge - Signs posted

All others reported as open

Please be aware of your localized weather conditions. The National Weather Service indicates another line of thunderstorms and severe weather is possible tonight with a 6 p.m., to 8 p.m., arrival time in the Paducah area.