City of Hickman now eligible to recoup Covid-19 losses with grant

by Barbara Atwill

Hickman City Commission met at Hickman City Hall June 8, at 5 p.m., with Commissioners Rob Hitesman, Judy Powell and Mayor Heath Carlton attending. Commissioner Robert Griggs was present via Zoom conference call.

Mayor Heath Carlton asked to keep Commissioner James Adams, who is hospitalized for COVID-19, lifted up in prayer.

Willie Caton, Alliance Water Resources, addressed the Commissioners via Zoom and reported 14,442,600 gallons of water were treated in May, an average of 465,890 per day.

Caton expressed concern over a water leak on Obion Street, which he has not been able to locate.

Discussion was held as to whether to cause damage to the street looking for the leak or possibly bypassing a section and have the water flow from another mainline.

Commissioners asked about possible leaks where houses once stood, but are no longer there. They also wanted to try different options before causing damage to the street in an attempt to locate the leak.

City Manager David Gallagher and Caton will walk the street and adjoining property to see if they can find a solution.

Murray Paving and Union City Paving was the only bid received for City Street Paving in Hickman, with a bid of $105 per ton and estimated using 418 tons to pave eight streets. Union City Paving bid $95 per ton, estimating 600 – 650 tons would be used.

Commissioners asked for clarification on the specifics of the bids as the bid had asked for two inch compressed and they were not sure if the bidders went with compressed or before compressed.

Action on the bids was tabled until the next meeting of the Commission.

Municipal Order 19-16 for hiring an Assistant/Deputy City Clerk and Municipal Order 19-17 for an Administrative Assistant, were read and adopted during the meeting.

Commissioners approved to roll over the Line of Credit Sewer Account that currently exists.

City Manager’s Report included the hiring of five seasonal temporary employees, three full time and two part time, to mow and weedeating the cemetery.

“The City is qualified to apply for $155,000 for any losses related to COVID-19. We lose out on inmate help and I’m sure Fulton does also. I anticipate more coming in as the employees will come and go. In conjunction with the $155,000, you can apply multiple times,” Gallagher said.

Gallagher proved an update on a notification about the availability of FEMA funds, with a reference to The Cherokee Nation, which he thought was an error.

“One of the reports had the wrong ID number for Hickman. We were identified as being in Hickman County. Hickman County is where the Trail of Tears is, and they have a strong Cherokee nation presence, where we do not have,” Gallagher reported.

Gallagher said the Motrim is working out, a Kubota, with extended warranty, for $97,813.72, paid for with a line of credit.

He reported a surplus of $11,139.26 and it was applied to the line of credit to lower the amount. The City ended up borrowing $86,674.46 at 3.75% for five years and payments will be roughly $1,500 per month.

The Sewer Project is underway and manholes are being replaced, he said.

Hickman City Hall is closed again, with service being conducted through their drive-through window.

Commissioner’s Comments include Judy Powell asking about property belonging to Ben Terrett. Gallagher advised that a plan is in progress.