Fulton County Sheriff's Department report (July 29)

July 27, 2020

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Department reports the following arrests and citations:

March 23: John Sowell of Hickman, arrested, warrant of indictment.

March 25: Edward Taylor of South Fulton, Tenn., arrested, bench warrant circuit, failure to appear.

April 6: Jason Gray of Paris, arrested, arrest warrant served Madison County E0761003750338; and Ronnie Littlejohn of Cincinnati, Ohio, arrested, bench warrant served Kenton County failure to appear E05910003507925.

April 9: Joseph Fletcher of Hickman, arrested, indictment served 20CR00019 E03810003748209.

April 12: Daniel Wright of Lexington, arrested, public intoxication and possession of controlled substance.

April 14: Ashley R. Goins, arrested, indictment warrant served for McCracken County E07310003695028 20CR00031.

April 21: Tyrone L. Montgomery of Louisville, arrested, contempt warrant served 15J501409 Jefferson County.

April 24: Colby A. Pruitt of Henderson, arrested, complaint warrant served Henderson E05110003755672.

April 28: Donald Ray Carey of Louisville, arrested, fugitive from justice State of Indiana, County of Floyd; Billy Ray Anderson of Florence, arrested, fugitive from justice State of Ohio, County of Hamilton; and Bryan A. Massengale of Monticello, arrested, fugitive from justice State of Tennessee; County of Anderson.

April 29: LaJuan M. Sullivan of Louisville, arrested, bench warrant, two counts, Jefferson County, E05610003617410 and E05610007411.

April 30: Stevie Johnson of Union City, Tenn., arrested, violation of a Kentucky emergency protective order/domestic violence order.

May 5: Kelvin W. Brown of Hickman, arrested, trafficking in marijuana; fleeing or evading police; and disregarding stop sign, etc.

May 21: Nicholas Kenton of Union City, Tenn., arrested, bench warrants, two counts, Fulton Circuit E03810002919350 and 2869711.

June 5: Peggy McManus of Water Valley, arrested, arrest warrant served, theft by deception under $500 E03810003642680.

June 6: Brandon Watts of Hickman, arrested, driving under influence; and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

June 10: Eric Johnson of Corbin, arrested, non-payment of court costs, fees or fines.

June 15: John Straughn of Lexington, arrested, citation, summons, failure to appear, served for Fayette County E03410003726698.

June 22: Kamren Bolden of Tiptonville, Tenn., arrested, indictment served Fulton County.

June 23: Andrew Hester of Murray, arrested parole warrant.

June 24: Levan Martin of Radcliff, arrested, bench warrant Hardin County E04710003641476 18M01515.

July 8: Christopher Lane of Martin, Tenn., arrested, bench warrant failure to appear Circuit Court Burglary 2nd.

July 10: Tabitha M. Fulcher of Union City, Tenn, arrested, warrant of arrest transport from Obion County.

July 12: Joshua Thompson of Hollow Rock, Tenn., arrested, indictment warrant served 20CR00024 E03810003748211.

July 13: Shaniqua Noonan of Fulton, arrested, warrant Graves County.

July 21: Daniel Roberts of Hickman, arrested, warrant Fulton County.