Chamber awards Scavenger Hunters

by Benita Fuzzell

A number of Scavenger Hunters will reap the benefits of their labor, following the Twin Cities’ Chamber of Commerce Scavenger Hunt, held for the first time over the course of two weeks, with entries submitted on Saturday.

Participants were given 20 clues, in hopes of being guided to a number of locations in Fulton and South Fulton, through the provision of historically based information.

Chamber Director Thea Vowell said this event was coordinated to encourage families and friends to enjoy a socially distancing ride or walk throughout the community, while learning interesting tidbits relating to the Twin Cities and its business community, as well as encourage the public to become familiar with the products and services available for purchase in the community.

Answers were to be recorded and emailed to the Chamber, with bonus points earned for “checking in” with a selfie on facebook, at locations available for that process, as well as an extra five bonus points available for uploading a one-minute video performance on facebook, at the correctly answered location to clue #1.

The following clues were given, with correct answers provided:

1) What is the newest built location to perform a concert? Unity Park

2) What is the 4 oldest businesses operating with the original names? Evans Drug Company, The Keg, Fall and Fall, Hornbeak Funeral Home

3) Once a mill, now a park. Pontotoc Park

4) The railroaders spend a lot of time here. Lohaus Field

5) You can only go north or south, will be something new in 2022? Amtrak Station

6) Where is the last place you could go to get feed ground? Reed Brothers

7) Not 1 door down or 3. Two Doors Down

8) A place you can relax in history while enjoying modern luxury. The Meadows Hotel

9) Once offering office supplies now offering entertainment. Broadway Dance Company

10) A trail created by the Boy Scouts. Weaks Nature Trail

11) A place in South Fulton with a Fulton name that is full of holes. Fulton Country Club

12) A park that is all work but no play. Fulton Industrial Park

13) A place you can go to talk with a rabbit about City of New Orleans. Twin Cities Railroad Museum

14) Erected in 1884 for the same purpose as today and has proof stamped on the side. Carr Elementary

15) Here you can find She sheds, lady loungers, man caves and the best barns built. Premier Portable Buildings

16) Once a motel now a home for Seniors. Integrity - Park Terrace Assisted Living

17) A farm animal can be seen here but not heard. Rustic Rooster

18) A dentist office for years and now a life saver. Ken-Tenn EMS Fulton Station

19) Once was a location to check your mail now where you can go to check your email. Fulton Library

20) Many years ago they were located on Main Street and now have recently moved back on the street. The Current newspaper office (Fulton Daily Leader)

Winners of $50 gift certificates provided by the Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce, to be redeemed at Fulton and South Fulton businesses included Bob and Brenda Mahan; David McDaniel; Lisa Pruitt; Autenee Purcell, Sidda and Jase; Lily Holzner; Baronica Williams; and Lynne Naylor.