TCMO will modify way of serving community

by Benita Fuzzell

Despite Covid-19 pandemic related obstacles, the Twin Cities Men’s Organization, T.C.M.O., will continue their long standing project to meet the needs of the Twin Cities’ children, with some changes as to how that effort will be coordinated this year.

An auction for the general public will be staged Monday through Sunday, Dec. 7-13, on facebook, through Constant Auctions, of Fulton. On the facebook page, Constant Online Auctions, visitors may view numerous items, donated by families, individuals, businesses and industries.

Bids may be placed on each of these items, with 100% of proceeds generated, to benefit the T.C.M.O., to assist in funding projects such as providing clothing for children, assisting families whose homes are destroyed by fire, provide scholarships to local graduates, help with food shopping for senior adults, and contribute to non-profits such as the Good Samaritan Health and Wellness Center and Twin Cities CARE ministry.

Auction items will be accepted by the T.C.M.O. any time from now through Dec. 1. Those who would like to donate one or more auction items may contact T.C.M.O. Treasurer, Cory Edmison, at 270-875-0963 or 270-875-0879, to arrange for pick up or delivery to the Constant Auction building at 304 East Line in Fulton.

“This year, just like everyone else, we were strapped, as to limiting our fundraisers, because of Covid. We only were able to have one raffle, for a seven-night stay in Gatlinburg, which was won by Robert and Cathy Simmons. Last year’s online auction was a success and we were able to meet our quota, with the Clothing of the Kids project and other beneficiaries of our fundraisers. We were actually able to double our scholarships and add on donations to Good Samaritan, plus making sure to set aside money for our fire fund and Twin Cities CARE,” Edmison said.

One change was required, as to the method by which the T.C.M.O. will be able to provide clothing items to children in South Fulton Elementary School and Fulton’s Carr Elementary School, because of Covid.

“With the restrictions on the number of children we would be able to have riding on the Fulton County Transit Authority vans this year, plus with the restrictions Walmart must observe about not trying items on, as well as the safety risk of having that many children and volunteers in close contact, we are going to count on Nikki Netherland at South Fulton Elementary and Tracy Pulley, from Carr Elementary, to let us know when needs arise for kids there,” Edmison.

He noted the T.C.M.O. will still provide clothing items such as undergarments, socks, shoes, jeans, coats and other essentials to students, but those items will be provided throughout the year, as needed, when the organization is contacted by the designated school official as they become aware of each need.

“That way, we can still provide the clothing for the kids, it will just be more spread out and not all at one time. Sometimes, the little ones outgrow some of the clothing items or shoes we purchase for them at Christmas time, before they are really worn out. This way, as a child outgrows, or wears out a clothing item or items. Nikki and Tracy can give us a call and we will make sure they get those items,” Edmison said.

The Twin Cities Men’s Organization meets the fourth Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. at Fulton City Hall, and is open to men ages 21 and older, however according to Edmison, plans are underway to revise the organization’s bylaws, to reduce the age eligibility to 18.

For more information about the organization, or the Online Auction fundraiser, contact Edmison at the number provided.