SFMS Academic Top Ten honored

April 27, 2021

South Fulton Middle School announced on April 26, students in sixth, seventh and eighth grade included in their grade’s Academic Top 10.

Students and their parents were invited to a recognition ceremony in the South Fulton Middle/High School Library, with each grade’s award recipients grouped separately for the Awards, in 30-minute sessions.

Principal Kimberly Jackson introduced faculty members Leah McFarland, Marina Greer and Matt Waites, who presented sixth grade Top 10 Awards; Melissa Seymour, Rob Nettles and Pete Angelo, presenting seventh grade Top 10 Awards; and Kevin Seymour, Carlin Bush and Sarah McMinn, eighth grade Top 10 Awards.

Angelos presented the 110% Award for sixth grade; David Whitesell presented the 110% Award for seventh grade and Allison McMinn presented the 110% Award for eighth grade.

Allison McMinn presented the W.W. Morris Award, Kevin Seymour, the K.M. Winston Award and Don Robertson, the American Legion Awards, all to eighth grade students.

In sixth grade, Callie Tucker was #1 in her class, Lexie Martin, #2, Brooke Burcham, #3, Caleb Stout, #4, Shelby Stevens, #5, Gavin Dixon, #6, Mason Parrish, #7, Melanie Winstead, #8, Seth Dunn, #9 and Olivia Rogers, #10.
For seventh grade, it was Jackson Doss, #1, Piper Lusk, #2, Jentry McConnell, #3, Journee Puckett, #4, Caroline Barclay, #5, Ben Swift, #6, Jadyn Rushin, #7, Trey Jackson, #8, Jillian Whitlow, #9 and Zoe Adams, #10.

For eighth grade, Stewart Conner was #1, Austin Reason, #2, Mayce Glasgow, #3, Brady McFarland, #4, Anna Kate Lawrence, #5, Allie Wright, #6, Connor Lawrence, #7, Hadley Barnes, #8, Jenefer Wallace, #9 and Morgan Puckett, #10.

Lexie Martin was the recipient of the 110% Award in sixth grade, Caleb Williams was the recipient of the 110% Award for seventh grade and Morgan Puckett was the recipient of the 110% Award for eighth grade.

The W. W. Morris Award, for Most Improved Academics was presented to Avery Cox.

K. M. Winston Award for High Achievement was presented to Austin Reason and Allie Wright.
The American Legion Awards were presented to Brady McFarland and Jenefer Wallace.