Forresters’ career, relationships bloom in business

April 27, 2021

Elaine Forrester, owner and operator of Scott’s Floral Shoppe on Carr Street in Fulton, remembers well, when she and her husband, the late Nicky Forrester decided to change careers in January of 1990.

He worked for the State of Kentucky. She had been a cosmetologist, “doing hair” since the age of 16. So, why not buy a florist and gift shop?

Why not time the business acquisition right at the time of a pre-scheduled wedding. A big wedding!

She laughs now, but at the time, she was grateful for the help of the former owner, Andy Williamson, as well as Ruth Babb and Judy Roberts. She recalls working with frustration to make a bow from the lavish ribbon hanging by spools from the shop work area.

“But the more you do it, the easier it becomes. I enjoy all of it. I like to work with the fresh flowers, but I also like to do silk arrangements. I have many family members who live in other states, but who call me every year to make sure their loved ones’ grave sites have new arrangements for decoration day,” she said.

When she and Nicky made the decision to forge ahead with their new business, she took care of creative part of the shop and he managed the business. That, she said, was a major challenge for her, to balance both rolls after her husband passed away.

While she has formed bonded relationships with her customers over the years, and become accustomed to calls on the weekends, evenings and holidays to meet with bereaved families or brides-to-be, she has noticed a decline in the clientele. For one thing, she said there appears to be less of a call for cemetery decorations.

“I have always worked. But you know, if we had bought the shoppe when the kids were little, I don’t think it would have worked. It was just he and I at that time, so we were both down here all the time. It was OK to be here a lot,” she said.

In addition to fresh and silk arrangements, Elaine enjoys picking out the gift items for display, from specialty gifts of remembrance for the loss of pets, expressions of appreciation to Veterans and Emergency Services providers, as well as outdoorsmen.

The telephone number for Scott’s 270-472-1577, located at 310 Carr St. in Fulton.