Fulton High, Middle School Awards Day honors listed

June 08, 2021

Fulton Independent School recently held Awards Day for Fulton High School and Fulton Middle School May 26.

High School Award winners included English IV, Takyra Taylor; English III, Jayden Padilla; English II, Tristan Lalley; English I, Lexus Rushing; Yearbook/Journalism, Linus Pulley and Takyra Taylor; English/Reading ACT Prep, Elizabeth Pirtle; Highest Mathematics GPA, Takyra Taylor; Most improved GPA in Mathematics, Jacob Madding; U.S. History, Jayden Padilla; World History, Tristan Lalley; American Government, Olivia Fulcher; HAVPA (Arts and Humanities) fourth period, TaZiyah Ware; HAVPA (Arts and Humanities) sixth period, Olivia Fulcher; Most improved, William Price; History Buff, Patrick Ray and Linus Pulley; Earth, Space, Physical Science, Lexus Rushing; Biology, Olivia Fulcher; Chemistry, Elizabeth Pirtle; Marine Biology, Adyline Evans; ACT Prep, Krish Patel; ACT Award, Tristan Lalley; Spanish 3 Completion, Patrick Ray; and Spanish 2 Top Student, Krish Patel.

Middle School Award winners included Highest English GPA in Sixth grade, Corbin Fulcher; Seventh grade, Ethan Pettigrew; and Eighth grade, Zuzu Pulley.

Highest GPA Social Studies in Sixth grade, Corbin Fulcher; Seventh grade, Zuzu Pulley; and Eighth grade, Laticia Carnegie

Eighth Most Improved in History, Xaiden Butler.

In the sixth grade, Highest Science GPA, Corbin Fulcher; Most Improved in Science, QuaNiah Flatt; “Mad Scientist”, Anthony Ross; Most Improved in Math, Charidy Taylor Currie; Highest GPA in Math, Corbin Fulcher; and Citizenship Award, Anthony Ross.

In the seventh grade, Highest Science GPA, Zuzu Pulley; Most Improved in Science, Alivia Brown; “Mad Scientist”, Kayden Mouton; Most Improved in Math, Joseph Mathias; Highest GPA in Math, Ethan Pettigrew; and Citizenship Award, Kayden Mouton.

In the eighth grade, Highest Science GPA, Laticia Carnegie; Science Most Improved, Hunter McCleod; and Science “Mad Scientist”, Mykayla Reeves; Most Improved in Math, Cameron Morris; Highest GPA in Math, Charlie Cavness and Laticia Carnegie; and Citizenship Award, Laticia Carnegie.

Middle School Diorama Winners were Nehamiah Bemis, Hetvi Patel and ZuZu Pulley.

Spanish 1 Top Student was Ethan Pettigrew.