July 13, 2021

Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Thea Vowell organized clean up efforts July 10, to spruce up property at the Twin Cities’ main intersection of Commercial Avenue, East State Line and Broadway, where structures were recently demolished following a motor vehicle accident. Volunteers arrived with push brooms, tools to remove sheetrock and siding, weed eaters and shovels, and in the process of the clean-up, uncovered what could be a mural painted on an exposed exterior wall, for Bull Durham Smoking Tobacco. A dump trailer was provided by David and Jennifer Lusk Farms, with debris taken to the City of South Fulton dump. Volunteers, in addition to Vowell, included James Threlkeld, Billy Davidson, Tim Britt, Mark Welch, Sandra Joyner, Steve Fly, Kathye Stem, Sharye Hendrix, Jackson Vowell and Max McDade. (Photos by Benita Fuzzell.)