Four Rivers Career Academy provides alternative choices for FIS students

March 14, 2022

(Editor’s Note: The following was submitted by Dave Puckett, Community Education director for Fulton Independent Schools)

For Fulton High School students, a field trip to Four Rivers Career Academy in Hickman, can make all the difference.

Three years ago, Troy Harper and Sienna Aguilar, went on an eighth-grade field trip to the Four Rivers Academy that changed their lives.

The academy offers four areas of concentration in Automotive, Business Administration, Health Sciences, Information Technology, and Welding.

Both Harper and Aguilar chose the field of welding. Each student agrees the field trip to 4RCA was a ‘turning point’ in their high school education.

Both students are attracted to the pay they can earn as they perfect their skills and gain valuable experience.

For Fulton Independent eighth grader Lexie Rushing, the trip was a chance to explore some ideas she has about supplementing her college education regarding a future career in healthcare.

She does plan to eventually go to college, but in the interim, she will be prepared to go to work right after high school graduation while pursuing a future college degree.

Her current interest is working at a Fast Pace Health Clinic.

Fulton Independent eighth grader, Asia Patton, sees a benefit in going to college yet she can begin her health care training at the academy as she earns her Medical Nursing Assistant, MNA.

“This will really help me when I am ready to go to college,” Asia said,

Both Harper and Aguilar are enjoying their welding training at Four Rivers Career Academy and are looking forward to earning good money once they become certified. Until that day comes, they are accustomed to hearing their teachers say, “That’s too fast” or That’s too slow.” “Get the weld Right.”

The two have come to understand the better you can weld, the more money you can make.