Cayce United Methodist Church holds annual Egg Hunt, cookie exchange on church grounds

by Barbara Atwill

Cayce United Methodist Church held their Annual Easter egg Hunt in Cayce Cemetery on April 9 for members of the church.

The activities began with the annual hunt, followed by the children going inside to empty their eggs.

Another activity enjoyed by those in attendance was dying boiled eggs. Gel food coloring was placed in a zip top bag with rice, along with the egg. The children could lightly shake, squeeze, and roll the egg around in the rice until it reached the color the children wanted, with some opting to place the egg in a second bag to give it a the-dye look.

Following the egg dying, the children went outside and drew pictures with chalk on the parking lot for church members to enjoy the next morning as they arrived for services.

A meal of chicken nuggets, chips and juice pouches was served, followed by a "cookie" exchange, with cookies provided by church members.

Church members volunteered to supply two dozen cookies for the event. Children attending were then provided with a bag, to use for gathering a cookie sample from each display.

Those who assisted with the event said the cookie exchange was a big success, as children shared with their parents about the variety of different cookies offered.