South Fulton’s results listed for Aug. 4

August 05, 2022

According to the Obion County Election Commission’s website, the Obion County Commission meetings will include new faces in several districts, as the County Mayor’s race as well as several commissioner districts were contested.

Steve Carr defeated Benny McGuire for the Obion County Mayor’s race, with Carr recording 2010 votes to McGuire’s 1771. John Glessner received 701 votes, Joseph Lewis, 455 and Justin Jones, 48. South Fulton voters recorded 290 for Carr, 197 for McGuire, 45 for Lewis, 32 for Glessner and 9 for Jones.

Kenny Mayo will join incumbents Ralph Puckett and Dale Frazier, as County Commissioners representing District 1. Mayo had 350 votes, Frazier, 334, Puckett, 233, Ricky Cranford, 204 and Troy Arnold, 183.

In District 3, Danny Jowers won a Commissioner’s seat, with 432 votes, with Rob Holman, an incumbent returning to his position with 426 votes as will Blake Cheatham, with 414. Ricky Boyd received 287 votes.

In District 4, James Gray returns to the Commission with 227 votes, as will Larry Sherwood with 203. Phillip Dunlap takes a seat with 134 votes. Patrick Smith received 132 votes.

In District 6, Heath Cunningham was the top vote getter with 565 votes, Terry Roberts maintains his position on the commission with 509 votes, and Eugene Hudgens also returns with 436 votes. Lucas Wilds had 419 votes.

In the General Session Judge race, Jimmy C. Smith ran unopposed, with South Futon voters recording 459 votes for Smith, and 4104 county wide.

In the County Trustee’s race Tracey Ivey Westbrooks also ran unopposed, and South Fulton voters gave her 485 votes, with 4210 votes across the county.

Tennessee House of Representatives District 77 candidate Rusty Grills, representing portions of Obion, Lake and Dyer County, received 388 votes in South Fulton, 2460 county wide and in the race for United States House of Representatives, District 8, South Fulton voters cast 329 votes for David Kustoff who received 3037 county wide; 27 for Gary Dean Clouse, and 137 for him across the county; 22 for Bob Hendry and 128 county wide; and 21 for Danny Ray Bridger Jr., 128 county wide; 33 votes for Lynnette P. Williams, 273 across the county and 30 votes for Tim McDonald, 239 county wide.

Kustoff currently represents Tennessee’s District 8, composed of the following counties: Carroll, Crockett, Dyer, Fayette, Gibson, Haywood, Henry, Lake, Lauderdale, Madison, Obion, Tipton, and Weakley. It also contains a large piece of Shelby County including the eastern part of Memphis and a small piece of Benton.

Jeffrey W. Parham received 513 votes in South Fulton, and a county wide total of 4162 for Circuit Court Judge District 27; and William M. Maloan received 441 votes in South Fulton for Chancellor District 27, with a county total of 3624.

In South Fulton, Adam P. Nelson carried the majority of votes for District Attorney General District 27 with 347 votes, and 2721 county wide; and Colin Johnson received 198 votes in South Fulton and 1904 across the county. Johnson won the election by 63 votes, however, after a total tally from both Obion County and Weakley County, which comprises District 27.

Sam Nailling Jr. received 442 South Fulton votes in the Juvenile Court Judge race, 3878 county wide; Karl Jackson received 474 South Fulton votes in the Sheriff’s race, 4235 across the county; Denise Taylor received 462 South Fulton votes in the Circuit Court Clerk’s race and total county wide, 4000; Crystal L. Gibson Crain received 4207 votes across the county, 486 votes in South Fulton for the County Clerk’s race; and Cheryl Reddin received 4078 votes across the county and 473 South Fulton votes in the Register of Deeds race. Each of those candidates were unopposed.

Fritz Fussell, Keisha Hooper and Barry Adams will return to their seats on the Obion County Board of Education, garnering 686, 615 and 314 votes, respectively.

In the Governor’s race, Bill Lee received 426 total votes from South Fulton voters, Jason Brantley Martin, 30, JB Smiley Jr., 28 and Carnita Faye Atwater 15. Gov. Lee received 3,404 votes across the county, Martin, 224, Smiley, 159 and Atwater, 132.