Obion Countians cast votes for, against Amendments

November 09, 2022

In regard to four proposed questions on Tennessee's Constitutional Amendments, listed on the Nov. 8 ballot, Amendment #1 received 5348 Obion County votes yes and 1774 votes no, to add language as a new section for it to be unlawful for any person, corporation, association or this state or its political subdivisions to deny or attempt to deny employment to any person by reason of the person' membership in, affiliation with, resignation from or refusal to join or affiliate with any labor union or employee. Across the state, 760,931 voters answered yes, and 322,110 voted no.

As to Amendment #2, it addressed the process for the temporary exercise of the powers and duties of the governor by the Speaker of the Senate or the Speaker of the House if there is no Speaker of the Senate office, when the governor is unable to discharge the powers and duties of the office, with specific language proposed to be added. There were 4763 Obion Countians voting yes and 1663 voting no. Across the state, 777,715 voters voted yes and 262,496 voted no.

Amendment #3, would change current language which says that slavery and involuntary servitude except as punishment fo a person who has been duly convicted of crime are forever prohibited in the state. The new language would state slavery and involuntary servitude are forever prohibited, and nothing in this section shall prohibit an inmate from working when the inmate has been duly convicted of a crime. There were 5028 Obion Countians who voted yes and 1729, no. Across the state, 847,473 voters voted yes and 225,773, no.

Constitutional Amendment #4, would delete the prohibition of ministers of the gospel and priests of any denomination from holding a seat in either House of the legislature, with 4336 Obion Countians voting yes and 2439 voting no. Across the state, 683,111 voted yes and 383,424, no.