Carr Elementary Christmas program Dec. 12

December 20, 2023

THE SHOW MUST GO ON – With excessive cases of sickness resulting in an early dismissal for Fulton Independent’s Carr Elementary students, and a transition to NTI (Non-Traditional Instruction) for the latter part of last week, the much anticipated Carr Elementary Christmas musical program could not be performed as planned on Dec. 15. However, so as not to sell short the outpouring of support and hard work preceding the production, from students and staff, FISD Technology Coordinator Sean Seavers came to the rescue. Last Tuesday, classes took their turn in the Carr gym, on stage, to video their performances in “It’s a Grinch Christmas” and their performances are now available for view on YouTube, at the following link: . Each song performed included a “heart” theme which led to the gradual enlarging of the heart of the Grinch. The stage props and decor were provided through community sponsors and staff. (Photos by Benita Fuzzell)