January 10, 2024

On Wed., Jan. 3, Fulton County High School students spent the day job shadowing at local businesses and schools throughout western Kentucky and northwest Tennessee.

Students in 9th-12th grade explored careers in healthcare, industry, trades, small and large businesses, service fields, education, and broadcasting.

Ellen Murphy, principal of Fulton County High School, believes that hands-on experience is vital for students as they plan and prepare for their futures.

“Students need to know what people do day-to-day, what opportunities are available, and what training is needed before they finish high school, and the best way to learn that is to meet and talk with the people who are in that career or profession,” Murphy stated.

“It’s a big undertaking from a planning perspective, but it’s so worth it,” according to Brandon Uzzle, Director of FRYSC at F.C.H.S.

“What students learn and see is invaluable. We can’t thank our local business owners, managers, and community leaders enough for making this possible for our students,” he said.

For a full list of businesses and organizations who participated, please see the “Thank You” published on page 8 of the Jan. 10 edition of The Current.