Fulton’s Parks Board review cost evaluations

June 09, 2020

Members of Fulton’s Parks Board spent most the June 2 regular session at the Pontotoc Community Center, in review of the Cost Evaluation for Fulton’s Lions Club Park, the main park where Summer League softball and baseball games are played, the secondary Lions Club Park in the vicinity of Lohaus Field, and downtown Fulton’s Pontotoc Park.

Board members Kenney Etherton, Chair, Teresa Johnson, Ashley Grissom, Kim Jobe and Anna McCoy heard from City Manager Mike Gunn as to the monetary figures provided by Luckett & Farley, for a number of park upgrades proposed for development by the board.

As to Pontotoc Park evaluations included the development of new walkways, Plaza area decorative pavers, interior walking paths, interior access pavements, seat wall seating in the plaza area, as well as perimeter walks and a seating niche, main sign, picnic tables and benches, fountain, trash receptacles, planters, backfill and edging, lighting, streetscape and open area landscaping, and new restrooms were included in the cost proposal, totaling $611,541.

Lions Park (Area one, main park) cost evaluations included the asphalt drives resurfacing, total area, new parking lot, parallel parking and pull in 90 degree parking; new roadway connector, asphalt pavement with gravel base, play area surfaces and structures, splash park structures and system, gates and locks, pickleball play court surfacing topping, equipment, court striping and secondary court, walkways and courts, pavillions and buildings, baseball field, fencing and improvements, lighting, landscaping, picnic tables and benches, and other site improvements, $3,809,425.50.

In regard to Lions Park, area two, Lohaus Field area, improvements included in the cost evaluation were asphalting drives and pavements, new parking lots, new roadway RV camping area, new trails and walkways, storm water piping and inlets, mini golf improvements such as play surface, edge curbing, ramps and features, irrigation, drainage, restroom and concession areas, RV Park improvements, grandstand plaza renovations, lighting, seat wall seating, ticket booth and shade structures and landscaping, all totaling $2,401,340.

Gunn explained the price tag for the major parks’ overhaul could be broken down over the course of several years, and options could be available from time to time to carve out money from the city’s budget, through the utilization of grant availability, and also returning to the Fulton Tourism Commission for assistance as a funding source.

Both Gunn and Etherton agreed ofter it seemed following a major catastrophic event, such as the recent Covid-19 outbreak, grant funds seem to be more plentiful, however matching funds usually are required.

Gunn reported the basketball courts and tennis courts within the city’s parks system are still considered closed, and according to Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s recommendations, social distancing as well as a limit of a gathering of 10 people or less is still in place, with possible revisions coming into place at the end of June.

Board member Anna McCoy updated the board on the previously scheduled “Longest Day of Play” event, scheduled for June by the board, and set to take place at Fulton’s main Lions Club Park. She said because of restrictions, that event had been cancelled. However, she said the University of Kentucky Extension Agency had arranged for the distribution of “Day Camp In A Bag”, for area children to use this Summer for activities at home.

Etherton said he had failed to get in touch with South Fulton Parks Director David McDaniel regarding a joint meeting between the South Fulton Parks Board and the Fulton Parks Board, but that he would follow up with McDaniel and express the Fulton Board’s intent to meet together with them for the joint planning of community events.

Board members Jayden Padilla and Sam Dluzniewski were absent from the meeting.