SFMS defeats FMS in double OT

November 08, 2022

Benita Fuzzell

South Fulton Middle School fans and Fulton Independent Middle School fans did not have to wait for the high school basketball season to open for some exciting court action, with the two Twin Cities’ middle school boys’ teams going head to head and basket to basket Monday night in the Fulton Independent gym, in a game which required two overtimes to be completed.

The Fulton Independent Middle School Bulldogs jumped out front and kept the lead tight for the first quarter of play, while stalling the visiting Red Devils, 10-0.

The second quarter was a different story, however, as South Fulton not only caught up, but grabbed a one point lead before the first half ended, 15-14.

The Bulldogs saw that Red Devil turn-around broaden their deficit on the scoreboard in the third quarter, with a 28-24 South Fulton advantage, and then it was back and forth in the final stanza of regulation play, ending with a 31-31 tie.

The first OT was more of the same, with the Devils and the Bulldogs managing to each bucket six points a piece, resulting in the second overtime for the pair.

When the final buzzer of the second overtime sounded, Fulton Independent had banked three points to South Fulton’s six, and the Devils recorded the win, 43-40.

Red Devil Shelton Johnson chalked up a team high 17 points and two steals on the night, with team mate Carson Choate scoring 16 points and pulling down six boards.

South Fulton’s Trevor Stunson and 7 points and five rebounds, with Grant Joyner sinking a two point bucket and recording six assists, and Logan Copeland scoring 1 point for the Red Devils.

South Fulton Middle School is 2-2 so far on the season, and will play at Carlisle County Friday, Nov. 11.

Hickman County Middle School Falcons may have taken a 12-6 first quarter lead against their South Fulton Middle Schoo hosts Nov. 1, but it was a short lived lead, when the Red Devils countered with a come-from-behind 13 point second quarter, ending the first half 19-14 in their favor.

The third quarter buzzer tied up the match up, 27-27, but it was the all important fourth quarter action that found the Devils push ahead by three to win the game, 37-34.

Carson Choate topped his team, scoring 11 points for South Futon, with Brady Parnell banking 9 points and Grant Joyner, 5 points in the game.

Seth Dunn, Logan Copeland, Trevor Stunson and Shelton Johnson all scored three points a piece in the win.

Parnell pulled down six boards, Austin Bradley had five rebounds and Choate had 4 for the Devils.